The Utica University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors is a collective-bargaining unit that represents the faculty, librarians, and HEOP counselors of Utica University.  The unit was founded in the seventies to fight Syracuse University’s sale of Utica University (then, Utica College) to the state of New York and has remained as the sole bargaining agent for the College’s academic professionals.  With its contract, the unit ensures the place of academic professionals in shared governance at the University. As a chapter of the American Association of University Professors, AAUP-Utica helps fight locally and nationally for academic freedom, for the continued quality of American higher education, and for protecting the livelihood of those individuals who dedicate their lives to teaching, service, and research.


The AAUP-Utica Governing Board

Governing Board Officers:

  • President: Leonore Fleming, Associate Professor of Philosophy (2024)
  • Vice President: Doug Edwards, Associate Professor of Philosophy (2023)
  • Treasurer: John Peter, Associate Professor of Mathematics (2024)
  • Secretary: Jim Brown, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice (2023)
  • Immediate Past President: Adam Pack, Distinguished Professor of Biology (2024)
  • Immediate Past Treasurer: Xiao Xiao, Professor of Mathematics (2023)

Governing Board Members At Large:

Grievance Officer: