AAUP-UC Stands in Solidarity with Oregon Tech Faculty and OT-AAUP

For 555 days Oregon Tech – AAUP negotiated tirelessly for fair wages, secure benefits, and clearly defined workload expectations, and on Monday, April 26, they were left with no alternative but to strike.

The AAUP-UC governing board has sent a letter to Oregon Tech’s President urging the administration to settle a fair contract with OT-AAUP and put an end to this strike. We stand in solidarity with our AAUP colleagues as they fight for a fair agreement that respects all faculty, and supports Oregon Tech’s larger mission to serve its students and the larger community.

If you want to support the faculty at Oregon Tech, you can send a letter of support here, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and considering posting a photo of yourself holding your own solidarity message (such as “I stand with OT-AAUP”) on Twitter and tag the chapter’s account: @OTAAUP