An Open Letter from the Governing Board


10+ months fighting for a fair contract, advocating for the needs of the full-time faculty, librarians, and HEOP counselors.

9.97% increase in inflation since August 2021.

89+ days working without a contract.

7.625% pay cut for full-time faculty, librarians, and HEOP counselors for fiscal year 2020-2021.

68% of 119 full-time faculty and librarians who participated in a survey last week said they would vote Yes on a strike authorization vote.

5 members in the university leadership (at least) are leaving the institution at the end of the semester.

4 outstanding information requests still remain from the AAUP-Utica asking the University to explain their financial position.

3 extraordinary faculty (at least) are leaving this institution to take other jobs.

2 talented students (at least) withdrew within the last few weeks from the University in order to transfer to other institutions because their major was cut by the Board of Trustees on February 16, 2023.

1 year after becoming a “University,” the Board of Trustees voted to cut 13 programs at the behest of President Laura Casamento.

This past year we’ve been given

0% respect and shared governance

0% justification and transparency

0% raise in salary

Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. We are worth more than this; our students are worth more than this. We are all worth more than 0%.

Leonore Fleming, President, AAUP Utica/AFT 6786

AAUP-Utica Governing Board Officers

Douglas Edwards, Vice President             

John Peter, Treasurer                                    

Jim Brown, Secretary                                     

Adam Pack, Immediate Past President         

Xiao Xiao, Immediate Past Treasurer            

Kirstin Walker, Grievance Officer                  

AAUP-Utica Governing Board Members At Large

Linnéa Franits

Ariel Gratch

Amy Lindsey 

Jeffrey Miller  

Deborah Pollack

Daniel Tagliarina

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