AAUP-UC Supports Long Island University Brooklyn Faculty During Lockout

Long Island University Brooklyn recently locked out the faculty in the middle of contract negotiations. This union busting attempt to starve the LIU Brooklyn faculty into submission is deplorable and the labor movement stands in full solidarity with the Long Island University Faculty Federation (LIUFF).

The AAUP-UC has sent a letter to LIU Brooklyn’s president urging the administration to end the lockout and engage in good faith bargaining immediately.

We’ve also been in touch with the LIUFF. The faculty are holding strong and have no intention of submitting to the administration’s disgraceful tactics.

If you want to support the faculty at LIU Brooklyn, you can take a moment and fill out the petition located here.

You can also follow what is happening with the lockout at the LIUFF website and the LIUFF Twitter account @LIU_FF.

Several stories have also been written about the lockout including Lockout Lessons and Locked Out On Labor Day.

At a time when academic freedom and integrity is under assault at institutions of higher learning across the country, it’s important that we stand united with the members of the LIUFF as they fight for a fair and equitable contract.