Utica University’s Student-Run News Source, The Tangerine, Reports on the Academic Program Review

On December 8, 2022, the Utica University Student-Run News Source, The Tangerine, reported on the Academic Program Review at Utica University, “spurred by a Board of Trustees resolution, which has caused unrest and questions on campus.”

That Board of Trustees Resolution on Academic Program Review (August 19, 2022) states:

Whereas shifting enrollment patterns and a significant decline in enrollment have resulted in an unsustainable faculty-to-student ratio at the university; and

Whereas the current academic program portfolio no longer reflects prospective student recruitment interests regionally or nationally; and

Whereas the current academic program portfolio no longer reflects the credentials most sought by employers in the region or nationally;

Be it resolved, the Board of Trustees of Utica University direct the administration to undertake an academic portfolio review designed to provide recommendations for any changes to credentials offered by the institution, including possible program design, redesign, or elimination.

Recommendations are to be delivered to the Trustees at the February 2023 board meeting.

The Tangerine article includes interviews with faculty and students, as well as an interview with the Provost, Todd Pfannestiel.

Read More Details in the Full Article Here.