AAUP-Utica Files Grievance Over University’s Failure to Follow Proper Shared Governance Procedures

On January 10, 2023, AAUP-Utica filed a formal grievance over the University’s failure to follow the procedures of the Faculty Senate by-laws as specified in Article 7, GOVERNANCE, Section 7.1, Faculty Senate Committees, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This grievance is in accordance with Article 16 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, specifically, Step 2.

It is the position of the AAUP-Utica that the contract requires that the Curriculum Committee consider matters related to the curriculum of the University. This includes the current Academic Program Review Recommendations and any and all proposals to design, redesign or eliminate programs or majors.

Additionally, the Curriculum Committee’s Function and Authority is stated clearly in the Faculty Senate Bylaws:

Function and Authority: shall receive, consider and/or initiate all requests for, or studies of, new or revised curriculum changes, including the general education program, majors, minors, special programs, courses, course credit, descriptions, numbers, titles, methods of instruction, graduation requirements and all standards and policies pertaining to the same; consider what changes are academically wise, financially practicable and within the mission of the College; and report and recommend the same to the Faculty Senate.

Download the January 10 Grievance Letter or read the full letter below: