AAUP-Utica President Responds to Utica University’s Announcement to Eliminate 15 Majors

Utica University’s outgoing president, Laura Casamento, and the outgoing Board of Trustees Chair, Bob Brvenik, announced their recommendation today to eliminate 15 majors as well as their recommendation that 8 more majors and 1 program be revised or else perhaps risk being eliminated.

This announcement comes amid a grievance that the AAUP-Utica filed on January 10, 2023 over the University’s failure to follow proper shared governance procedures as specified in the AAUP-Utica’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The AAUP-Utica is currently awaiting Provost Pfannestiel’s response to Step 2 of the Grievance Procedure as outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The AAUP-Utica President, Leonore Fleming, responds to the University’s “Red Wednesday” Announcement in the following video message sent to Utica University bargaining unit members:

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